Long lasting beauty

Why Choose Rutgers Painting?

Rutgers Painting caters to clients who are dedicated to the maintenance and appearance of their home. If you are concerned about your home’s “curb appeal,” then Rutgers Painting is for you. Our specialized prep process combined with Rutgers Painting’s exclusive use of Smart Coat High Performance Permanent Paint means that discerning homeowners get lasting color that looks fresh for years, without the hassle and expense of frequent paint jobs.
Easy Maintenance

Expert Prep

Preparation for painting your home is not a one-size-fits-all proposition. Homes and their history often dictate individualized approaches to stripping and priming a house. Because of years of experience painting homes in northern New Jersey, Rutgers Painting has perfected the prepping process and is knowledgeable about the proper preparation method for your home based on its age, architecture, condition and painting past.

Lasting Color

Smart Coat High Performance Permanent Paint is ten times thicker than ordinary paint, it is mildew resistant and environmentally friendly. Its durable nature also makes it economical, as it is available in three different formulas that come with 8, 15 or 20-year warranties – so you paint less often! Rutgers Painting has seen firsthand how high build paint jobs repeatedly outlast traditional ones, retaining a freshly painted look year after year.
Rutgers Painting quality

Rutgers Painting: An Easy Choice

100% satisfaction guaranteed  • Professional and courteous painting crews  • Free estimates  • Fully insured  • Save money  • No more mildew or cracked, faded, chipped or blistering paint  • Environmentally responsible  • More than 20 years of experience  • Locally owned and operated  • Choice of 8, 15 or 20-year warranties  • Never repaint again