Rutgers Painting was founded by owner Kevin Sheridan in 1992.  Kevin was looking for a way to pay for his college tuition to (where else?) Rutgers University when he started painting houses in his hometown of Maplewood, NJ.  Kevin and his painters did a professional job on the houses they painted and word soon spread about those “guys from Rutgers”.

Maplewood, NJ was the first municipality in the United States to pass laws regarding the sanding of lead-based paint on homes.  When every other painter left town, Rutgers Painting remained and worked with town health officials to develop the lead safe sanding and renovation practices that evolved into the standard used nationwide.

Rutgers Painting grew over the following 20 years by always producing a quality finished product that has consistently “wowed” the homeowners of Essex, Union, Morris and Somerset counties.  When Kevin Sheridan was asked in 2009 what he thought was the #1 reason for the success and longevity of his company, he answered, “Our company core values.  We measure our success based on how well we adhere to our core values.”

Rutgers Painting Core Values

Keep your word.

Be Profitable.

WOW Everyone.

Learn, Grown and Improve.

Be Transparent. 

While Rutgers Painting continued to improve as a company, it became apparent that the paint available in the marketplace wasn’t as good as it used to be.  As laws were passed that controlled the amount of VOCs and dangerous chemicals that could be used in the production of paint, the durability and lifespan of these paints diminished to the point where a good paint job was lasting only 4 to 5 years.  In 2010, Rutgers Painting began the search for a better product.

High Build paints like Smart Coat are the answer.  A paint that has a 25 year warranty, is low in VOCs, lead free and comes in any color imaginable.