The right primer for exterior painting.

There’s a different type of primer for use on just about every surface or stain on a house.  There are unique primers needed for stucco, aluminum, vinyl and wood.  There are different primers needed for the various types of wood siding or shingles used in the homes of New Jersey.  It can get a little complicated, that’s for sure.  Fortunately, we’ve seen every type of house siding and challenge out there and know exactly which primers and top coats to use!

The Priming ExpertsForeman Jairo and his team are applying special primers to cover stains, knots in the wood and nail heads before they apply the full layer of bonding primer.  Now, you might say, “Hey Jairo!  Isn’t that too much primer?  What are you, crazy?”  Jairo would just smile and say, “We never use too much primer.  We always use exactly the amount of primer a house needs.  No more…no less.”  Wow…that dude really knows his primer.

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