The color choice map

Interior or exterior painting, there’s nothing as frustrating as seeing the wrong color put up in the wrong spot!  Unless you stand around waiting for someone to open the can of paint so you can pounce, how can you as the color master make sure the right shades get put in the right spots?

Draw a map.

interior color plan

We are in the process of painting our office. Lots of color choices for us and we wanted to make sure it got done right.  After selecting our colors, we drew up a little map and even took little scraps from the color sample book and taped them to the map for easy reference.  We reviewed our color map with the painting crew foreman while we were in our office.  Using the map as reference, we talked for a few minutes about what colors went where as we walked the room.  We leave the map right there, so they can always reference when it’s time to open up another can of paint. Honestly, I want to leave the map there so I can look and make sure it’s right when I’m checking on the progress.  Seven different color choices are tough for me to remember!

So far, the new paint is looking great.  The paint crew knows exactly where each color is supposed to go and I’m confident that when I look out across the room, I’ll be seeing India Trade as intended and not Gropius Gray.

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