Silver Siding Brings Out The Natural Beauty Of South Orange Home


The owners of this lovely home in South Orange, New Jersey wanted silver siding to further emphasize the red doors in the back of the house. To ensure the durability of this classy modern look, they invested in a permanent exterior paint application from Rutgers.



This project underwent our unique planning process that involved rigorously sanding off the original paint and carefully measuring the home to ensure immaculate application of our permanent paint in these colors:

  • Deep Silver
  • Everwhite (trim)


The classic, calming colors used on this home really bring out its unique style while building around the character of the vibrant back doors. Best of all, the high quality of our exterior paint and application process means that these homeowners will enjoy their house’s flawless color for years to come.



Like all homes painted by Rutgers, the permanent exterior paint on this house is backed by our guarantee that our work will last for up to twenty years, depending on the warranty you choose.



See the effect that our permanent paint can have on your home by calling us to schedule a free consultation.

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