Rev Run’s Renovation marathon tonight on DIY!


Tonight on DIY!  All 10 episodes of Rev Run’s Renovation starting at 6:30 pm.  Sweet!  We’ll be glued to our TVs at Rutgers Painting, so watch with us and don’t miss any of the drama and stunning reveals as they re-do one room each episode.  (If you’re seeing this post after Saturday, February 1st….you missed it!  But don’t worry, plenty of re-runs of Rev Run are coming!)

My favorite part?  Well, besides seeing the lads from Rutgers Painting rock the walls at Rev’s house?  It’s the way Rev wraps up every episode with some words of wisdom.  Anyone who follows Rev Run on twitter (@RevRunWisdom) knows what I’m talking about…the man has deep thoughts, great insight and knows how to get the point across cleanly and quickly…typically in less than 140 characters.

But, as much as we love the Rev, Justine steals the show.  She is hands-on and is the design powerhouse behind the entire renovation.  Every time Rev balks at one of her bold design ideas, Justine pushes her vision through until everyone admits she was right from the beginning.  Count us as huge Justine fans!

If you hear a mighty cheer in the distance every time a Rutgers Painting shirt is seen on screen….that’s just us.  We’ll try and keep it down.

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