Permanent Paint is waterproof and breathable.

Two things that make the Permanent Paint System by Rutgers Permanent Painting the long term solution are it’s ability to withstand wind driven rain (waterproof) and it’s ability to allow water vapor to pass through the coating system (breathability).  Water and moisture are costly and damaging to your home.  Wood rot, mold and mildew can wreak havoc in any home and cost thousands of dollars to repair.

The Permanent Painting System is highly resistant to water penetration.  Large (relatively) water molecules are unable to penetrate the protection provided by Permanent Paint.  In fact, The Permanent Paint System has been laboratory tested by DL Labs to assess it’s resistance to wind driven rain.  DL Labs found no water leaks after testing (ASTM D 7088) showing Permanent Paint is waterproof at 98 MPH wind driven rain for 24 hours of exposure.

Even though Permanent Paint is waterproof, it is also breathable.  The ability of a coating to allow gaseous water vapor to pass through is essential to prevent wood rot, mildew damage and the peeling and flaking caused by trapped water.  Laboratory tested by DL Labs, Permanent Paint has an amazing rate of 50.4 perms (ASTM D 1653), giving it superior breathability without sacrificing its ability to provide excellent waterproofing.

A coating with a low perm rate will trap moisture.  If a coating product can’t breathe, there will be a failure of the substrate and eventually the coating itself.  Permanent Paint’s high 50.4 perm rating insures your home won’t hold in damaging water vapor.

Keep the water from getting in, let the water vapor escape.  Two more reasons you’ll never have to paint your house again.

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