New Paint Adds New Life To Stately Morristown Home


The abundant windows in this Morristown home allow for plenty of sunlight to stream through, and thanks to a new coat of permanent paint, these homeowners can now enjoy a house that’s just as bright on the outside as it is on the inside.




The colors on this home were selected to match the paint that had previously been applied, but in accordance with the intense process we follow for all of our projects, the old paint coats were sanded off completely before we carefully applied our durable exterior paint.




Thanks to the extreme durability of our permanent paint, this colorful home will have an equally sunny future for years to come. Our paint is ten times thicker than normal exterior paint and can stand up to fading, moisture, and other external forces throughout time.



Depending on the selected warranty, a permanent paint application such as this can last up to twenty years. Our quality guarantee assures that these homeowners will be satisfied with the look of their house for a decade or more.



To see how our permanent paint can improve your home, call us today to schedule a free consultation.

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