How To Use White To Emphasize Your Home’s Beauty

Even if you’re a fan of bright, bold colors, choosing white for your home’s exterior paint can really bring out the unique style of your house. Whether you want your home to be covered in dazzling white paint or just want to use it to accent your favorite features, this classic color can be just what you need to let your home shine.

Here are a few ways that a bit of white can make your home even more stunning:


All-Over Elegance


Making white the primary color for your home allows it to give off a simple, sophisticated feel. White is a timeless exterior color that looks lovely on both older homes and new ones, so you can be sure that your home’s look will stand the test of time.


A Stylish Trim

White is perhaps the most commonly selected color for the trim on homes, and for good reason. Adding white trim to your house creates contrast against:

  • Brick
  • Stone
  • Darker paint
  • Colorful paint

Using white as an accent color can help make the other colors of your home pop while framing the parts of your house you want to emphasize.


A Dazzling Entrance

Make the entryway of your home stand out by using white for your front door, steps, or even your entire porch. White draws the eye and makes objects appear slightly bigger in comparison to their surroundings. This can have an illuminating effect on the parts of your house that provide your guests with their first impression, giving your home an open, welcoming feel.


Paint For A Whiter, Brighter Look

The classic look of vibrant white paint can bring out the beauty in your home. No matter what changes you’re looking for, there’s a way to fit this timeless color into your home’s exterior design.


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