How To Use Bold Color to Bring Out the Character of Your Home

You don’t have to rely on muted, understated exterior paint tones to maintain your home’s sophisticated style. In fact, bright and bold colors can emphasize your house’s character without distracting from it.

Here are a few things to keep in mind if you’re considering adding more color to your home’s exterior:

Go Light Or Dark

A common misconception about colorful exterior paint is that it makes homes look gaudy, but you can avoid this risk entirely by choosing hues that are on the lighter or darker ends of the color spectrum. A pale yellow can give your home a cheerful, welcoming feel, while deep blues and greens can make your property seem more tranquil and serene.

Emphasize Accents

If you don’t feel like completely covering your house in bright colors is the right choice, think about using bold colors on the shutters, doors, trim, and other smaller details on your house. This can draw the eye to the features you want to emphasize without drastically changing the appearance of your home. Similarly, you can tone down the colors on your exterior walls to draw attention to its existing colorful features.

Get Inspired By Nature

Colors that occur naturally in nature will often complement the look of your home. When choosing a less traditional paint color, such as red, blue, or green, consider tones that closely match how they’re found on plants, stone, or minerals. An earthy red, stony blue, or seafoam green is eye-catching without compromising sophistication.

Color That Does More For Your Home

The right colors add value and character to your house while still making it look dignified. By choosing the right hues for the right parts of your house, you can make your home turn heads for all the right reasons.

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