How To Choose The Best Color Trim To Emphasize Your Home’s Unique Style

Deciding on the right house trim color for your home is just as important as picking the main colors for your house’s exterior. Even though it doesn’t take up a relatively large amount of surface area, the trim on a house can add contrast, color, and character to bring out the natural beauty of your home.

Here’s how you can use trim to make your home stand out:

Make Colors Bright By Adding White

White House Trim Color

White trim is a perfect way to provide contrast, which can make the other colors of your home stand out more. Brighter colors in particular, such as blues, yellows, or reds, tend to pop a lot more when accented by white trim. Even if you’ve chosen a more subtle color for the larger parts of your home’s exterior, however, white trim is a safe and timeless choice that will give your home a classic look as the years pass.

Earthy Tones Are Ideal For A Historic Touch

Earth Tones for Home Trim

If your home draws much of its character from its vintage or historic style, emphasize it with beige, gray, or brown trim. Houses that feature a lot of stone or wood can benefit from accent colors that mimic other “natural” materials, which also help put the focus on the unique design of the home.

Get Creative With A Touch Of Bold Color

Bold House Trim Color

Blue, red, or even yellow or a purple house trim color can be a way to show off your fun side without sacrificing sophistication. Adding a bit more color is also a good option to give a unique touch to houses that are predominantly white or otherwise monochromatic. Don’t be afraid to add even more color to a house that already features bold hues, though; it’s an easy way to guarantee that your home will make a lasting impression.

Details That Make A Difference

Selecting the right trim can mean the difference between a home that looks good and a home that truly has that wow factor. Ask yourself if your house’s trim could use an update when planning your next home improvement project.

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