Cottage Red Paint Adds Rustic Feel To Gorgeous Cranford Home

This beautiful house in Cranford had a vintage look to begin with, and an eye-catching permanent paint job helped complement its unique architecture. The homeowners wanted colors that would bring out the natural beauty of their house and match their personal style. To turn their vision into reality, we first employed the same detailed planning process and rigorous preparation that we apply to all our projects, which includes careful sanding to remove the old paint. We then used our durable exterior paint to cover this home in two of our bright colors:

  • White
  • Cottage Red

The white details provide a stark contrast to the red home, and thanks to the extremely high quality and careful application of our permanent paint, the owners of this house can be assured that the colors will be just as bright and chip-free years down the road as they are now.

Like all of our projects, this home is backed by our guarantee that our permanent paint will stand the test of time, with a warranty that can last for up to twenty years.

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