The right primer for exterior painting.

There’s a different type of primer for use on just about every surface or stain on a house.  There are unique primers needed for stucco, aluminum, vinyl and wood.  There are different primers needed for the various types of wood siding or shingles used in the homes of New Jersey.  It can get a little […]

A Better Solution for Your Investment

A local property management company recently hired Rutgers Permanent Painting to repaint the columns at their Maplewood property with long lasting high-build paint.  It makes financial sense – the management company will spend less time,  manpower, and money maintaining the painted surfaces over the coming years.  Also, the building is located at a busy intersection […]

Permanent Paint is a better value than regular paint.

What does value mean to you? If you own a home that you need to paint, you know it can be an expensive and frustrating process.  Modern traditional paint goes on your home and looks great, but only lasts so long.  We’ve found that modern formulations of traditional paint are lasting, (in ideal conditions of […]

Permanent Paint is waterproof and breathable.

Two things that make the Permanent Paint System by Rutgers Permanent Painting the long term solution are it’s ability to withstand wind driven rain (waterproof) and it’s ability to allow water vapor to pass through the coating system (breathability).  Water and moisture are costly and damaging to your home.  Wood rot, mold and mildew can […]