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Our Sanding Prep-Work: Ensuring Your Fresh Coat of Paint Lasts

It can cost anywhere between $2k and $7k to get your home repainted, depending on the size of the house and the company you work with. When you hire someone, you will want to know what goes on before they start working so that you can prepare. So, what does a professional painting company do […]

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Why You Should Have Your Victorian Home Painted by Rutgers Painting

Commonly associated with unparalleled craftsmanship and brightly colored trims, Victorian-era homes have become a staple in their own right. When you see one that’s painted beautifully, it’s hard to not stop and take in the beauty of it all. However, when it’s your own home, it might be difficult to decide between stand-out colors or […]

Exterior Painting FAQs

One of the best ways to amp up the curb appeal of your home is to repaint it. Your home’s exterior draws the eye and creates a strong first impression. However, exterior painting can be a bit challenging, so you’ll want to hire a professional like Rutgers Painting for the job. Have some questions about […]

How To Use White To Emphasize Your Home’s Beauty

Even if you’re a fan of bright, bold colors, choosing white for your home’s exterior paint can really bring out the unique style of your house. Whether you want your home to be covered in dazzling white paint or just want to use it to accent your favorite features, this classic color can be just […]

3 Ways To Use Color To Make Your Home Feel More Inviting

Coming home after a long day at work should always be a pleasant experience, and your house’s appearance should help create that feeling of comfort and happiness before you even step foot inside. When choosing the right colors for your home’s exterior, make sure not to underestimate the impact a beautiful front door, porch, and […]

How To Use Bold Color to Bring Out the Character of Your Home

You don’t have to rely on muted, understated exterior paint tones to maintain your home’s sophisticated style. In fact, bright and bold colors can emphasize your house’s character without distracting from it. Here are a few things to keep in mind if you’re considering adding more color to your home’s exterior: Go Light Or Dark […]

How The Right Color Can Add Curb Appeal To Your Home

The colors you choose for your home’s exterior can have a massive impact on its curb appeal. Whether you’re considering selling your house or want to be able to enjoy its appearance for years to come, you can increase its wow factor by selecting the best paint for your home improvement goals. Consider Some Contrast […]

New Paint Adds New Life To Stately Morristown Home

  The abundant windows in this Morristown home allow for plenty of sunlight to stream through, and thanks to a new coat of permanent paint, these homeowners can now enjoy a house that’s just as bright on the outside as it is on the inside.       The colors on this home were selected […]

Silver Siding Brings Out The Natural Beauty Of South Orange Home

  The owners of this lovely home in South Orange, New Jersey wanted silver siding to further emphasize the red doors in the back of the house. To ensure the durability of this classy modern look, they invested in a permanent exterior paint application from Rutgers.     This project underwent our unique planning process […]