Union County, NJ

Did you know most homes need a fresh coat of paint about every 10 years? Some materials may start to peel, crack, or fade in half that time while others will last longer. If painting your home’s interior or exterior is on your to-do list, the experienced painters at Rutgers Painting can help you cross it off!

The best way to determine if it’s time to paint your home is to contact our team of experts for a free consultation. We’ll look at your property and give trustworthy advice on the best painting projects to transform the appearance and functionality of your property.

Interior & Exterior Painting Services in Union County, NJ

We’re proud to offer pro-level painting services in Union County, NJ, and surrounding areas. We encourage all homeowners to get a consultation now, rather than waiting until the paint is noticeably fading or peeling. We can improve your curb appeal and the value of your home while protecting it from long-term damage!

Our services also extend to interior and exterior home improvement projects. If you’re ready to renovate, we’re the place to call! You pick the colors, and we bring the expertise and supplies. We take our work seriously, which means showing up on time, treating your property with respect, and paying attention to the smallest detail. Our time-tested process allows us to work efficiently without cutting corners.

The Color Guaranteed to Last

One of the biggest problems with home painting services today is the use of low-quality paint products. While you may get an unbelievably low price on the job, your paint will start to noticeably fade within a few years.

At Rutgers Painting, that is simply unacceptable. We use high-quality paints that last much longer. That means you save money in the long run by having to paint less often. Our painters have the experience needed to ensure every job is completed to perfection.

Painting Services Union County NJ Residents Trust

If you know it’s time to give your home a fresh coat of paint, contact the local experts at Rutgers Painting. We take pride in bringing professional painting services to Union County, NJ, and surrounding areas. Allow us to provide a trustworthy quote while answering your questions, and help you complete that next big home improvement project efficiently.

Call us at (973) 763-1670 to schedule your free consultation today.