Don’t have time to tackle an interior or exterior painting project yourself? Well, you’re in luck, because the team at Rutgers Painting are the home painters in Roseland, NJ you can count on! From the exterior surfaces to the interior, we improve the appearance of your house with top-quality, long-lasting paint and a keen eye for every last detail.

Transform Your Home with Interior or Exterior Painting

Painting a home can be a trying feat, but when you have industry professionals to handle the work, your home can have a new look in a short amount of time. 

Interior Painting

Interior designers often recommend painting the interior of the house about every five years. From trim and cabinetry to walls, ceilings, and other surfaces, fresh paint can make a drastic difference. Whether the paint on your walls or interior surfaces is fading, or you simply want to change the color, we can help you transform your interior.

Exterior Painting

Whether it’s wear and tear, fading colors, or paint shrinkage, these are all signs that the exterior of a house could use fresh paint. Different types of materials require a fresh coat of paint at different intervals. For example, cement fiberboard type siding may need to be painted every 10 or 15 years, while wood siding may need a fresh coat after 3 to 7.

A Look at Our Painting Project Process

Every new project our clients trust us to handle gets the white-glove approach. We help you bring out the best in your home with warrantied paint you can count on to stand the test of time. We offer a selection of only the best quality products. Some types of paint we use even come along with up to a 15-year warranty. Our process involves:

  • Discussing your needs as a property owner
  • Planning the project right down to the type of paint we will use for the work and the cost
  • Scheduling your painting project on a day that accommodates your needs
  • Preparing the surfaces and your property for the painting project
  • Applying the painting solutions
  • Cleaning up after the project is complete
  • Consulting with you to ensure you are pleased with the finished work

Carpentry Services

At Rutgers Painting, we’ve recently brought carpentry in-house! Since a lot of the homes we work on are older they often need some rotted wood replaced or crown molding fixed. Being able to offer this service during our consultation helps us stand out from the competition! Our carpentry services include:

  • Replacing anything that is rotted or came loose from the home.
  • Recreating moldings
  • Fixing crown molding
  • Historical home rehabs

When it comes to historical homes, the moldings are required to have the same detailing and be made out of the same wood they were before, and at Rutgers Painting, we can make that happen. 

Trust Professional Home Painters in Roseland, NJ

When it comes to updating your house with paint, be sure to trust true professionals for the job. Rutgers Painting has three decades of experience serving the residents of Roseland, NJ, and surrounding areas. Call for a free estimate to get your painting project started today!