Long-Lasting painting for the Rutgers community, for more than 25 years.

Rutgers Painting was launched from Maplewood, NJ more than 25 years ago, and the community support for our small business has been incredible. As we grew and our painting family expanded, we talked to more and more home and business owners who were frustrated by how quickly exterior paint faded, cracked, and chipped.

Thorough prepwork has always been a staple of our painting company, but we noticed that traditional painting processes weren’t lasting as long because the incredibly durable oil paints vanished from the market and the large conglomerate paint companies cut costs at the expense of their product quality.

When we saw our NJ clients needing to repaint after 3 years, we knew it was time for something to change. So we combined our expert prep processes with state of the art long lasting paints that we could back by providing warranties ranging from 8 to 15 years.

Because of the specialized techniques our local painting company is using to prep and paint our clients’ homes, we knew the best decision was to scale back the size of the business so that we can take a hands-on approach to working with our customers, oversee our talented team, and ensure that Rutgers Painting’s customers are satisfied with our service – during the process and with the outcome. If you are thinking of painting your home and are looking for a solution that not only lasts but saves you the costs and headache of frequent repainting, choose Rutgers Painting. Contact our painting professionals today.