3 Ways To Use Color To Make Your Home Feel More Inviting

Coming home after a long day at work should always be a pleasant experience, and your house’s appearance should help create that feeling of comfort and happiness before you even step foot inside. When choosing the right colors for your home’s exterior, make sure not to underestimate the impact a beautiful front door, porch, and railing can have on both you and your guests as you make your way in.

Here are three ways you can use color to emphasize the “welcome” in “Welcome home!”:

Use lighter hues for lighter moods

You and your guests will always end up looking directly at your front door before you open it, and that close-up interaction can leave a subtle, but important first impression. Using light colors, such as pale blues and yellows, can invoke pleasant feelings associated with springtime and sunny days and strengthen the happy emotions associated with coming home.

Frame your door with contrasting trim.

Contrast is crucial to drawing the eye to the parts of your home you want to emphasize. If your front door and the surrounding wall feature bold or dark colors, adding white trim can frame your door like a work of art. This color contrast establishes your home’s entry point as a feature that you’re proud of, implying that all who enter should feel welcome.

Make a statement with a bold accent color.

Even (and especially) if the main colors of your home are muted or understated, using a bright, bold color for your front door, steps, or railing can help you show off your fun side as a homeowner without sacrificing sophistication. Much like the contrasting trim, this design choice also conveys the importance you place on how guests should feel when they approach your home.

Coming home to color

The right hues on the outside of your home’s entryway can act as a warm invitation for your friends and family before they come inside. Contact us today to see how our vibrant permanent paint can make your house feel more like home for up to twenty years!

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